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Download GTA 5 Here - http://bit.ly/YakzLBHey guys, i just found this cool new site last night. They give out free GTA 5 Beta keys, then let you download GTA 5 with your key. You can read more about it on the website! But so far the game is just awesome! The graphics are amazing too. Some new features they have added:- First Person Car View- Flyable Jets- EMP Grenades - 2013 Model Sport Cars- You can now own a business - You can have a family- Many more!*I am not allowed to post gameplay, it is illegal because the game is not out yet. This is a closed beta, not an open beta so no gameplay is allowed! *I hope you enjoyed this video bye!TAGS IGNOREgta 5 downloadgta 5 free downloadgta 5 full downloadfree gta 5 downloadgta 5 beta downloadgta 5 freegta 5 fullgta 5 download pcgta 5 beta downloadgta 5 free beta

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