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Популярное видео 2013 - VISIT RYAN BOLTON'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL Green Anaconda is considered the largest snake in the world. It can grow up to 29 feet and weigh more 500 Lbs. It's also very deadly. So why would anyone, unarmed, want to be so close to one in the wild that it might try to kill you? Well if you are conservation biologist named Ryan Bolton, you would do it to get some good video! Ryan says he wants to raise awareness and appreciation for earth's wildlife but came to the conclusion that boring scientific essays will not do it. So, he taught himself photography and started taking pictures of animals from all over the world. (see his photos on his website here ) It was in his pursuit of documenting wildlife that he came across a giant Green Anaconda. "I was in Peru," he told me. "I heard from the locals that there was a palm swamp where green anacondas had been spotted. So I spent everyday for two weeks going out to this palm swamp paddling around in this dug out canoe that was half full of water." One day when Ryan was out paddling around in the palm swamp, he saw something through the jungle. It was a 20 foot Green Anaconda. Ryan took a few pictures from a distance but the snake moved into the water. Ryan didn't want to test his luck, so he headed back to where he was staying thinking that would be the end of it. But no sooner did he get to his room than he started planning his return. He wanted better pictures and knew this was probably the only chance he would ever have. A few days later, Ryan returned to where he had seen the giant snake and once again, he found it sunning itself on top of some vegetation. The snake started moving towards him, but he claims he didn't feel frightened. In fact, he moved closer. "I was more worried that it would go away before I got my video," Ryan said during a skype interview. He says he knew he was risking his life but thinks it was worth it. "Things could have gone wrong very easily. I was in it's territory and I was moving around. It could have elicited a feeding response." Luckily that's not how the situation turned out and we all get to enjoy Ryan's amazing video... If you want to see his entire video undedited, stop by his youtube channel at this link. pictures of wildlife does make people appreciate them more, but is it worth risking your life to do it? Tell me what you think in the comments below.FACTOID The Green Anaconda is the biggest snake in the world with unverified measurements of about 34 feet, although the longest confirmed specimens measure 25 feet long and weigh 550 pounds. Numerous claims of huge anacondas 50-60 feet long also exist but these have never been confirmed. The green anaconda is olive green with black spots. The green anaconda is a good swimmer and on land it moves slowly. The green anaconda spends hours of the day resting on branches or in wet ponds. When the night comes the green anaconda begins to hunt its prey, but it never hunts in flock. The green anaconda is dangerous because of it will attempt to eat almost anything, including humans. " As Ryan points out, "It may not be able to successfully consume you, but it always eats first and asks questions later."Video by Bill Day гипотезы и предположения
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