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Видео онлайн - For Up to date news and IPsIP:hub.sc-mc.orgIf you want to support me use this link hub.sc-mc.orgMini-games server is a arena pvp style server, which includes many maps that are constantly updated.There are very many various classes that players can choose, ranging from a simple Tier 1 Archer to even all powerful Tier 2 classes like Blades-men. These classes are regularly balanced so we make sure the game play is as fair as possible. Some maps (arenas) are restricted to Tier 1 only so that new players can get into the basics of the server and get good at combat without getting destroyed by more advanced Tier 2 classes. The IP of this server is hub.sc-mc.org----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------------The SMP is a survival building server, with many various plugins that will help you build with your friends without getting your buildings griefied. Voting on the website of the SMP server can get you many cool in-game prizes like special ranks or loads of in-game cash that can help you get what you always wanted on it.The IP of this server is hub.sc-mc.org----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------------The RPG server is a role playing PVP server , where the epic struggle of Phantoms and Humans prevents them from seeing the true enemy... the corruption! There are many plans for this server. There are many things that will be added, as well as an upgraded map. Meaning that the structures and such will be rebuilt or modified to look great and be interesting to explore. The RPG server will also include more story elements so that actual role-playing can be achieved . However a lot is already prepared and set in the RPG such as custom and unique classes for both Humans and PhantomsThe IP of this server is hub.sc-mc.org----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------------Video created by sherbanan, thanks to 1born2kill, pottsman, Iolcraft, ebayer22 and butthead98 for being in the video, and to Pierre Langer for the music----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------------Song: The Stand created by Pierre Langer----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------------Remember to visit www.Spookycraft.net!----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------------Some people with capes are using I had the cape mod on that's why :p----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------------*THIS SERVER IS NOT CRACKED, SPOOKYCRAFT DOES NOT SUPPORT PIRACY*----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------------Status:SMP: OnlineMinigames: OnlineWar: Open BetaRPG/Factions: In maintenance will return soon!----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------------If you are interested here are the tags:1born2kill Server PVP RPG Minecraft Server 1.4.2 1.4 1.4.4 Role Playing Role-Playing Mini Games PVP PVE Video Game Server 24/7 Corruption RPG Server Preview RP Role Play Bukkit NO LAG 24/7 Free Build PvP Kill Commands House Castle Territories Map game Corruption Nether Spookycraft Free Build Territories House Castle Big Server Protection Friendly Staff SMP(By the way I'm not the owner of the server) ] 1.5.2 без цензуры
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